Application for Pardon from the Governor's Office

The following is a synopsis of the law regarding filing an application for a pardon. It is not intended to be a complete summary of the law and should not take the place of legal advice from an attorney:

All criminal cases are a matter of public record. This means that they can be viewed by anyone without any stated reason. Additionally, details of the case are often available online. This can make it very difficult to find gainful employment, as most employers will routinely search for such records prior to hiring choices. Worse, in most cases where there is a guilty plea, even if it was many years ago, the case is automatically not eligible for expungement. For instance, if you plead guilty to a battery charge (ie. you got in a bar fight), you may not be able to ever got that off your record. 

However, such a case may be eligible for a pardon from the Governor. The Governor of Maryland has the right to pardon many crimes that are otherwise not expungeable, including the above-mentioned case. The application is long and difficult and there is no guarantee that the Governor will grant a pardon. This law office will help you draft the application for a flat-fee of $250.00.

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