In situations where debt is accrued (ie. credit card, medical, etc.) and is not paid, the debt will often be sold to a Debt Collection Agency ("DCA"). The DCA will then attempt to collect the debt. If they do not succeed, they will often take the matter to Court, and, if successful, will get a judgment against the party. This judgment can then be used to garnish wages, etc.

However, in numerous situations, the party was not even aware there was a debt, was not served with notice of the debt and in some rare situations, they are not the ones who incurred the debt! Though rare, occasionally, the DCA's will try to collect the debt against the wrong party. This usually happens where the name of the party is fairly common (ie. James Smith, etc.).

In such cases, the party may find themselves on the hook for debt that they never incurred. Fortunately, this office can often help in such situations. For a small fee, this office can attempt to negotiate on your behalf with your creditors, attempting to reach a mutually agreeable amount or payment plan. In cases of mistaken identity or improper service, this office can file to vacate the judgment and set things right.

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