Lease Review at a Flat Fee

It is an adage of American contract law that 2 people can contract to just about anything. Yet, many renters, both new and experienced, enter into leases without bothering to read the fine print. Even when they do read it, they usually don't understand what exactly they are agreeing to, as many leases are crowded with "legalese."

This unfortunately, can have tremendous consequences. While some leases are fairly straightforward, others contain clauses that can make your life a living hell (like requiring you to give 6 months notice before moving out or face fines, etc). 

Fortunately, you can take the risk out of life by having an experienced attorney review the lease to make sure everything is on the "up-and-up." I can look over your lease for a flat fee of $50 to ensure that you are not rushing headlong into a giant mistake. 

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