Client Policies:

  • FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION -I provide a free legal consultation to all potential clients, regardless of whether they choose to retain me. The average consultation will go through your basic legal options and make recommendations regarding your case. No fee will EVER be charged to a potential client. A consultation will on average take about 30-45 minutes.

  • LIMITED SCOPE REPRESENTATION - I provide what are often known as  "Unbundled/Limited" legal services. This means that instead of signing on to handle an entire case (which is generally how attorney's work), people can hire me to work on certain discrete parts of their case, such as helping with discovery, drafting a complaint, etc. This allows clients to save money, as they can handle other parts themselves. 

  • SLIDING SCALE FEE SYSTEM -I base my fees on what the client can reasonably afford. Fees generally start at $75/hour and will vary based on the Maryland Legal Services Corporation (MLSC) scale system. Please note that I will often request a paystub, etc. to verify income. (Click here for link to MLSC scale system.)

  • LIMITED RETAINER FEES - I do not charge large retainer fees, as much of the time, clients cannot afford such costs. I charge minimal retainer fees, equaling 8 hours worth of work in advance. This money is held in escrow to handle expenses at the end of the case. It is returned to you at the end of the case, or in the case of payment plans, once you have fulfilled the terms of the payment plan.

  • "PAY-AS-YOU-GO"  FEE STRUCTURE- I work on a "pay-as-you-go" system, meaning I only charge you fees once I have done the work. This allows you to keep tabs on how much the legal process is costing you and make decisions about future work. Additionally, I consult with clients prior to providing services to make sure that they understand the anticipated costs. 

  • FLEXIBLE FEE STRUCTURES- I am committed to working with clients financial situations. As such, clients' can arrange various fee structures, where they can pay for their services in a structured amount on a weekly basis (ie. $20 per week, etc.).

     Click here to set up a consultation with me to discuss your legal options.